Tủ liên lạc báo cháy GST-FT40N (40 kênh)

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Tủ liên lạc báo cháy GST-FT40N (40 kênh)

Tên sản phẩm: Tủ liên lạc báo cháy GST-FT40N (40 kênh)

Mã sản phẩm: GST - FT40N

Mô tả: Tủ liên lạc 40 kênh. 24VDC. Có thể nối mạng với 8 tủ F

Datasheet: Tủ liên lạc báo cháy GST-FT40N (40 kênh)

Thông tin chi tiết

Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

1 General

- GST-FT40N fire telephone panel is specialized for emergency communication, builds up
- convenient and prompt 2-way communication in case of fire and other abnormal conditions.
- It is an indispensable device in fire protection system. The panel has features as below:
- Standard 3U structure, rack mount installation
- 24VDC power supply
- Receiving and calling out with fire telephone handsets
- Networkable fire telephone panels achieve internal communication
- Call from handset will be transferred to networked fire telephone panels automatically after not answered by the dedicated panel
- The handset zones are fully monitored for fault of short circuit and open circuit. Panel will show the fault by sound and indicator.
- Failure of one zone will not effect on other zones
- The network communication is monitored. When sub-panel fails to communicate with the main panel, the main panel will get the failure message and broadcast to other networked sub-panels, both main panel and sub-panels will indicate by sound and light indication. When the fault happens on main panel, all sub-panels will show the fault message, and meanwhile the network call will be inhibited.
- Record: The conversation between fire telephone panel and Handset or other fire telephone panel can be recorded up to 15 minutes. The new content will cover the old one when the storage is full.

2 Technical Specifications

- Operation Voltage 24VDC±10%
- Standby Current 0.2A
- Maximum Current 1A
- Frequency Range 300~3400Hz
- Crosstalk - Transmission Loss - Environment Temperature -5~40°C
- Relative Humidity 45%~95%
- Dimension 482.5mm×132.5mm×225mm
- Gross Weight 4.2kg
- Network Capacity 8 panels
- Panel Capacity 24 zones
- Zone Capacity 5 handsets
- End of Line Resistor 10kΩ±0.5KΩ

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